What’s in a name?
Protovera is a word created from 2 roots, “Proto”, first and “Vera” Truth. As a result we focus on being consultants of “Character” and trusted advisers to our clients. We speak the truth to ensure there are no surprises and that delivery of the product is the highest priority. The driving force behind Protovera’s definition of Character is our core values and exemplified by qualities that include: honesty, integrity, humility, and courage.

Protovera was founded with the ambition of being the trusted-advisers of choice for executives and business leaders of both small and international corporations seeking to attain peak business performance. We have a unwavering commitment to our clients success and as a result believe in: Trust based long lasting partnerships, having the courage and moral fiber to present unvarnished facts and unembellished data to those we serve, and providing objective advise based on the best data available. The focus is to do what is best and the right thing for our clients regardless of the impact to us.

So, If you are growing tired of listening to “mumbo-jumbo” consultant speak rather than straight talk, documentation that contains more fluff than substance, and more effort placed on a contract extensions than finding practical solutions, contact us for a fresh and unique perspective. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.